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Symmetrical is the only payroll bureau service designed for modern People Teams.

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Let your People Team focus only on the things that help your company grow faster.
Leave payroll, people ops & compliance to Symmetrical.


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Unlike any payroll bureau you’ve worked with before

Designed to ensure high-performance of your People team. We care about speed, simplicity and efficiency of your payroll & HR process. Spend less time on admin and more time on people and growth.


Save 80% of time spent on payroll every month

Say goodbye to manual payroll data entrance. Leverage AI to sync contract rates, benefits, logged hours, shifts and time-off together in one easy platform.

Dedicated payroll professional available always when needed

Your dedicated expert will guarantee that your payroll is always correct, compliant, and on time. Stay in touch via Slack, email, WhatsApp, Zoom, phone or in person.
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Make better HR decisions based on real time data

Access data of your choice on a platform. Download custom reports. Gain a clear overview of your workforce and make the right decisions.
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Spend 50% less time on HR operations

Achieve significant time savings across all your HR operations. Minimize the time spent on HR admin and repetitive tasks.
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Why us?

All in one People Ops platform
Use the only platform available on the market that puts your entire HR and payroll flow into one ecosystem.
Dedicated payroll expert
From implementation and beyond, you’re given a single point of contact and fanatical support.
Radically better experience
Symmetrical cares about building a radically better experience for both People leaders and employees.

See how we made Cotel's payroll life easier

Switching to Symmetrical put an end to chaos and revolutionized the way we do payroll. Our payroll is now settled on time, and the details and data are open and accessible to everyone involved. And because our employees no longer have to focus on the payroll processes that we used to run, we were able to move them to other business areas where they were more urgently needed.
Tomasz Palma
CEO at Cotel

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Discover the first payroll & HR solution you won't hate

Get on a friendly chat with one of our experts to talk about your payroll & HR.
Tell us what you struggle with and decide on your own, if our solutions are right for you.

Symmetrical is next generation, tech-first payroll outsourcing service. The benefits of our solution go far beyond only cost-saving and automation. Payroll management is easier and most importantly, allows you to not only optimize your internal HR, Finance or Operations processes but also results in better compliance, security, and correct and timely payouts on your employees’ accounts. If you are looking for ways how to automate your payroll, talk to us.

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