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Thank you for visiting this page! We’re thrilled that you want to learn more about our solution and also about us, the friendly team, bringing a better way to run payroll to the world!

We are a group of over 50 people who are on the courageous path of payroll & HR revolution.
Our ambition?

To make payroll invisible.

We believe that a decade from now, “payroll software” will be eliminated from dictionaries. We feel both excited and privileged to be out in front of this trend.

To make payroll invisible

We aim at building a radically easier way to pay people anywhere in the world. In the most seamless process that can be imagined.

To break down barriers to paying and being paid

We strive to eliminate borders and time constraints, while reducing the complexity of payroll across the board.

Our story

To understand the kind of company we are, it’s important to remember that the story of Symmetrical begins with a friendship.

Piotr and Daniel, our founders, have known each other since they were students. Their work and personal experiences made them keenly aware of the problem of pay being withheld until payday.
In 2018, Piotr published the Symmetrical Manifesto, in which he presented a vision of how to disrupt the financial market.

The article created a serious global buzz, and soon Piotr and Daniel decided to join forces with Maciej Noga, our third co-founder, to create a company that would put the power of salary back in the hands of employees.
After countless requests from customers for help with their broken, outmoded payroll systems, our founders decided to pivot toward a broader goal of changing the future of the payroll industry and making payroll run invisibly in the background of daily operations.

It turned out to be the right move – after the pivot Symmetrical began to grow exponentially, hiring at a fast pace and securing 2 rounds of funding – a seed round in 2020 and a Series A round in 2022.

And here we are today, working hard to bring you the better way to run payroll

Piotr Smolen
Co-Founder & CEO
Daniel Wartolowski
Co-Founder & COO
Maciej Noga
Co-Founder & CSO

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London, UK


$26.4 M

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and growing




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