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2019-05-28 raises 1.35 mln EUR to democratise credit in the cloud.

Mark Smartt
General Manager UK & USA raises 1.35 mln EUR to democratise credit in the cloud. is a Polish company building the credit of fintech-as-a-service stack. The startup offers Credit Cloud API which enables any business to plug credit infrastructure into their mobile and web apps in just a few clicks. As part of the pre-seed round Symmetrical has raised EUR 1.35 million from three renowned VC funds and a group of business angels.

The global fintech scene has gained another strong player who has the ambition and resources to deliver global infrastructure for credit origination. The company, which is working on reducing information asymmetry and improvement of the financial services market efficiency, has just closed its first round of financing, from which it raised EUR 1.35 million.

- Symmetrical is the answer to the development of the financial services industry in the last 20 years. A development that has gone often too far in the wrong direction. Today, finding a customer tailored and well-priced financial product is difficult and takes a lot of time. As a result, many people remain outside the banking market, and the rest usually overpay for most financial services. – commented Piotr Smoleń, CEO and Co-Founder of the company, serial entrepreneur who recently sold his fintech firm Turbine to PE fund Oaktree Capital Management.

- We want to revolutionize the market and create a fair, transparent and effective infrastructure for the banking sector allowing clients all over the world to access cheap and ethical financing, while at the same time allowing investors to effectively allocate capital, with virtually no transaction costs - stated Daniel Wartołowski, COO and the other Co-Founder. We are glad that such renowned investors have noticed the value of our company at such an early stage of development and want to support it in its further dynamic growth - he adds.

New investors are three renowned VC funds: Finch Capital (lead investor), Market One Capital and Plug & Play. The company was also backed by a group of business angels. Symmetrical will allocate the acquired funds for further dynamic product development and expansion on the British and Polish market.

- Symmetrical can fundamentally change how credit is delivered to consumers by businesses. For far too long, credit has been local, but with Symmertical's API and technology stack, a business trying to offer its customer credit can do so now on a global scale. This will change the global banking order - thinks Aman Ghei from Finch Capital, a technology investor in fintech companies with such companies as Grab, Zopa, or Twisto in its portfolio.

- We invest in companies whose business model allows for quick scaling and international expansion. Symmetrical has operated now for just a couple of months, but this period, as well as the track record of its founders allows you to forecast future success – stated Marcin Kurek from Market One Capital, considered the best Polish VC fund investing in marketplaces.

The transaction involving is one of the largest pre-seed funding round in the history of Poland. It is also one of the largest financing rounds involving VC funds on the Polish market since the beginning of this year.

- We noticed from Silicon Valley that the Polish fintech scene is developing very dynamically. Symmetrical will be one of the best companies to transform not only the Polish but also the global banking sector. - Alireza Masrour, General Partner, from Plug and Play, Corporate Innovation Platform and a VC fund from Silicon Valley, which has a track record of investments in companies like Paypal, LendingClub and N26.

How does it work? operates in the fintech-as-a-service model, as demonstrated in in advanced economies with companies such as Solaris Bank, Tink and The company creates a platform within the credit cloud, to which anyone, regardless of the context, can join in a dozen or so minutes and start granting loans just like a real financial institution. For individual clients, the platform means that various financial institutions will compete for granting the loan, offering the best terms for them: both when the process of customer service is initiated by the financial institutions, as well as when the client is actively seeking financing of the current consumption needs. In this way, the company creates an effective and transparent financial market that at the same time promotes ethical finances. For Symmetrical's mission is to give back to society control over data and increase accessibility (inclusiveness) of capital around the world.

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