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Symmetrical Shakes Up the UK Contingent Payroll Sector

Michael Kammer
Content Marketing Expert

Currently riding high on a massive capital investment, Symmetrical is set to change the way contractors and freelancers are paid in the UK.

The contingent payroll sector is notoriously opaque and is ripe for change. Recruitment agencies and companies engaging temporary workers have long been a lucrative market for payroll providers, a market that has typically been dominated by so-called “umbrella” companies.

The sector is currently unregulated, which has led to an increase in non-compliant providers (often based in offshore tax havens) operating alongside reputable firms and leaving agencies, clients, and temporary workers exposed to unexpected tax bills and penalties. Payslips are notoriously difficult to understand, deductions can be complicated, and contractual relationships are often murky.

Enter Symmetrical

Symmetrical offers a fully managed, tech-driven HR and payroll service developed from years of experience paying thousands of workers in the gig economy and they are now able to use this expertise in the contingent sector.

We help agencies and employers limit the chaos of managing temporary worker interactions through modern digital experiences.

Tech-driven onboarding and timesheet management, human interaction at all stages, and a range of engagement models allow Symmetrical to make payroll invisible for agencies and employers alike.

Michael Kammer
Content Marketing Expert

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