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[Salary Report] Salaries In The Tech Industry In Poland

Karolina Kulach
Senior Content Marketing Expert (HR & Payroll)

Interested in the current salary landscape in Poland, especially in the tech industry?

InHire has recently published “Tech Market Snapshot”: an insightful 2022 salary report full of unique facts and data. We recommend it for HR and recruitment specialists in particular, as well as companies recruiting employees and freelancers in Poland.

InHire’s Tech Market Snapshot includes expert comments and data related to:

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InHire’s salary report 2022: key details

2022 was a challenging year. The war in Ukraine, the global economic downturn, and the increasing inflation rate have all impacted the tech sector.

Key details about InHire’s salary report:

  1. The report’s scope is restricted to job posts from the broadly understood tech sector (programming, administration, management of tech projects, business intelligence, maintenance of IT systems).
  2. Q1-Q3 2022: an increase in job posts was observed in the tech sector (vs. a noticeable slowdown in Q4).
  3. 2022’s most wanted roles are Backend Developer, Frontend Developer, and DevOps Engineer.
  4. In 2022, the top programming languages were Java and JavaScript (21%), followed by Python (16%) and TypeScript (12%).
  5. As to the keywords mentioned in job posts, the category of most profitable technologies was dominated by: Cloud, DevOps and data & AI/ML.
  6. Salary ranges offered for remote work continue to be considerably higher than in the case of on-site work.

Q4 2022 saw a major decline in the number of:

Download the full report by InHire for more valuable insights, useful charts, and average salaries in Poland in 2022.

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InHire’s salary report 2022: expert comments

Poland’s labor market is financially attractive for many western companies that can offer more competitive salaries compared to their Polish counterparts.

Olga Żółkiewicz, Employer Branding Manager at 7N; Blogger at

The recruitment market has undergone a dramatic change over the years. One of the consequences of the pandemic was the increase in the share of foreign companies in the Polish labor market.

Kasia Gorska, Head of People & Culture at Symmetrical
Salary report: foreign companies in Poland

We have been observing a slowdown of the upward trend in the past 2 quarters or even a decrease in demand for specialists in the tech sector reflected in the number of published job posts.

Paweł Zdziech, Recruitment and Communication Manager at 7N

The inflation rate is a fundamental macroeconomic indicator reflecting a country’s economic situation and price increases. The slump experienced in Q4 2022 might have been a delayed reaction to the economic situation.

Karolina Latus, Co-founder | Sourcing Trainer at Super Source Me

A growing number of companies offer remote work, with tech companies at the forefront. So the number of job posts in a particular city might be dropping, but it does not necessarily mean that the labour market is shrinking.

Anna Sykut, Chief Evangelist at TRAFFIT

The most lucrative keywords were those associated with tools used for data processing.

Karolina Sokołowska, Recruitment Operations Manager at Bee Talents

InHire’s salary report: conclusion

It’s difficult to predict what 2023 will bring, but studying data will help you prepare for the unexpected. Employee engagement and retention remain important topics for HR, not only in Poland.

The increasing salaries demonstrate that we are still in the employee’s market, despite many heralding a shift of the trend. Recruitment teams face another challenging year in terms of acquiring and retaining talent.

Wioletta Dobkowska, Senior Talent Acquisition Coordinator, Edge One Solutions

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Senior Content Marketing Expert (HR & Payroll)
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