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Employee Engagement Ideas And Strategies For Q2 2023

Karolina Kulach
Senior Content Marketing Expert (HR & Payroll)

Employee engagement ideas and strategies for Q2 2023 will help you increase employee satisfaction and loyalty, improve retention rates and stand out from other employers.

Employee engagement has a significant impact on profitability. Additionally, engaging your staff can help you weather the storm if you have limited hiring opportunities due to the economic recession.

Learn when and how to engage your employees in Q2 2023 so they feel enthusiastic and motivated to work for your organization!

Download this printable HR Calendar 2023 (employee engagement calendar) to plan HR activities and increase employee happiness in the coming months!

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Employee engagement matters
Employee engagement dates for Q2 2023
Employee engagement strategies, ideas, and tips for Q2

Employee engagement matters

Employee engagement should be a cornerstone of every company’s strategic planning due to its direct connection to profitability.

No wonder: it’s expensive for businesses to replace every employee who leaves. Think about the costs of recruiting, interviewing, onboarding, and training new candidates.

It costs between $61,000 and $80,000 to replace an employee.


According to Gallup, highly engaged businesses have 18% fewer turnovers in high turnover organizations (vs. 43% in low turnover organizations).

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Now consider these stats and facts from AllVoices:

HR & employee engagement: more facts and numbers

A great and engaging company culture is what employees need during the Great Resignation and quiet quitting as well as the current economic recession.

Although getting paid on time is the most crucial factor for employees, they also value other forms of compensation and intangibles.

Consider the following stats and facts:

An engaging culture will make employees more likely to stay in their jobs. As a result, you’ll experience less disruption from recruiting new hires and filling knowledge gaps.

Let’s focus on how you can successfully engage your employees in Q2 2023.

Engage your employees with success in Q2 2023

Do your best to improve employee engagement at your company.

A “non-traditional value proposition” is crucial to keep and attract a new generation of workers. This includes flexibility, mental well-being, and a strong, meaningful company culture.


That said, celebrating important days and events is a powerful way of boosting employee engagement and satisfaction.

But make sure you plan your employee engagement activities for 2023 wisely. For example, you may want to concentrate most of your efforts at specific times of the year. Q4 in particular is full of special days like Christmas or Halloween.

However, if you want to keep your employees happy throughout the whole year, you need to consistently plan events and activities across 12 months.

In this article, we’ll focus on Q2. You can also read about employee engagement Ideas for Q1 2023 on our blog.

Little actions done regularly can have a disproportionate impact on employee experience. Every month offers opportunities to show your employees that you care.

For every quarter, use an HR Calendar with employment engagement ideas. This will help you plan well, get creative, and have fun along the way.

Employee Engagement Calendar 2023: FREE Download

Employee engagement dates for Q2 2023

Below you’ll find some employee engagement dates and ideas for Q2 2023. Recognition and honest appreciation never get old.

Therefore, celebrate your people every day of the year (or whenever you can), and they will celebrate every work anniversary with you!




Do you remember to celebrate significant and feel-good days like World Creativity and Innovation Day, Environment Day, Yoga Day, and lots of other special days?

HR Planner 2023 will inspire you with employee engagement ideas you may not have considered.

We’ve included a variety of events and plenty of less obvious opportunities. Choose the ones that fit your organization best and that your employees will simply love!

Employee engagement strategies, ideas, and tips for Q2 2023

Celebrating your employees, whether in a physical or virtual setting, is one of the elements within HR that you can control. It can also have an enormous impact on employee retention. However, you need a good strategy in place.

8 employee engagement ideas and strategies for Q2

#1. Q2 starts with 1 April, i.e. April Fools’ Day.

This event gives you a chance to get creative and make your employees laugh. So why not make a prank, like a funny, fake company announcement? Check out our payroll prank to see that 1 April can be fun!

Of course, make sure no one gets upset by your joke, and tell the truth when the time is right! For more inspiration, watch this excellent prank made by Google.

#2. Now let’s get serious.

Every year in April, the UK Government updates rates like National Living Wage or Statutory Payments.

When new employment changes like that come into effect (not only in the UK), HR and payroll departments can expect a hectic time.

Therefore, automate your manual and repetitive payroll processes if you haven’t already. Automation will make it much easier to stay calm and finish your work on time, also in busy months.

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#3. Use a suggestion box on World Creativity and Innovation Day to encourage your employees to get creative and share their ideas about their dream workplace.

#4. Q2 is the time of spring and new beginnings. It’s also a colorful season and a great time for team-building activities as the weather gets warmer and days longer.

#5. Recognize your employees’ personal interests and passions. Remember that they’re humans first and employees second.

So show you value their human side, too. For example, consider giving them time to do a hobby each week and reward those who post activity pictures on a chosen channel.

#6. May is Mental Health Awareness Month. Although you should take care of your employees’ well-being all year round, consider going the extra mile this month. For instance, sponsor a massage or meditation session for your employees.

#7. Make sure you prioritize the mental health of your employees at all times. The holistic wellness of employees is of utmost importance.

#8. With summer around the corner, encourage team members to take time to relax. Ask managers to reiterate it in their one-on-ones. If needed, revisit your time off policy.

Don’t forget to take time to replenish your energy, too!

Engage your employees with HR Planner 2023

Using our HR calendar will help you keep your employees engaged throughout the year. It will help you make your employees feel appreciated, motivated, loyal, and less likely to leave.

Symmetrical’s 2-1 HR Calendar & Planner 2023 includes:

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