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How Will Automated Payroll Make Your HR Manager's Life Easier? [5 Key Points]

Karolina Kulach
Senior Content Marketing Expert (HR & Payroll)

Automation can reduce payroll processing costs by 80%, according to the American Payroll Association. Automated payroll also reduces time-consuming and repetitive tasks to the barest minimum.

For HR managers with multiple roles and responsibilities, this is good news.

In fact, nowadays spending hours on crunching numbers and managing spreadsheets is not necessary in HR departments.

So what’s the alternative? Automated payroll.

This is how automated payroll makes an HR manager’s life easier.

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#1. Automated payroll saves time and money
#2. Automated payroll minimizes errors
#3. Automated payroll ensures security of sensitive data
#4. Automated payroll simplifies reporting and payroll records
#5. Automated payroll helps you stay compliant globally

What is automated payroll?

Automated payroll simplifies the process of paying your employees on time and accurately by:

In everyday work life, automated payroll means fewer emails, shoulder taps and pings throughout the day. In effect, HR managers can expect happier days at work.

Interestingly, over 34% of business owners still use spreadsheets to manage their payroll manually, even though it’s an outdated and inefficient practice.

Over 34% of business owners still use spreadsheets to manage their payroll manually.


Luckily, the global HR software market and HR & payroll automation are growing.

HR statistics: Global HR software market 2020-2028 (chart)
HR statistics: automated HR process growth (chart)

HR & payroll software is necessary because:

Effective HR & payroll software can help:

Now let's focus on the 5 benefits of automated payroll.

#1. Automated payroll saves time and money

Entering, verifying and managing payroll data manually is usually tedious and time-consuming. Think about:

Unfortunately, excessive manual work and wasted time in HR & payroll departments have a long-term impact on your company’s profitability. Thus, to reduce manual work, consider an automated payroll solution.

Automation will help you reduce staff costs and a budget spent on correcting mistakes.

Additionally, automated payroll offers self-service options for employees who can view their payslips and other documents and edit their personal information on their own. With less paperwork, you’ll have more time for strategic HR activities, such as improving employee engagement and retention.

#2. Automated payroll minimizes errors

You don’t want to mess up with someone’s pay. Consider this:

The bottom line: you want to get it right.

Payroll errors cost companies time, money and lead to employee dissatisfaction. Only 1 wrong digit in payroll calculation can result in inaccurate paychecks and tax errors.

Implementing automated processes:

49% of US workers will start looking for a new job after experiencing only 2 problems with their paycheck.

The Workforce Institute, Kronos Incorporated.

#3. Automated payroll ensures security of sensitive data

Payroll data is highly sensitive and confidential so keeping it secure is necessary. Any breach in sensitive data can cost a company money, clients and reputation.

Physical copies of payroll documents and spreadsheets can end up in the wrong hands. And let’s be honest: this is not something you want to risk.

To prevent unauthorized access to payroll data, you need a secure system. Choose a solution that offers a good layer of data security, with data encryption, passwords, two-factor authentication and GDPR compliance.

Invest now in improving your payroll processes so your company doesn’t pay for it later

#4. Automated payroll simplifies reporting and payroll records

Hard copies and spreadsheets are out-of-date and not very practical. It’s much easier to save documents in electronic form and in one place.

Automated payroll software allows you to store all your paperwork, reports and tables automatically in the cloud. This way you can access information at any time, any place and download chosen reports at a click.

The right HR and payroll software will help you:

The reality is that the role of HR and payroll software is growing. HR automation is on the rise, not only in payroll data management.

HR statistics: breakdown of HR automations (chart)

#5. Automated payroll helps you stay compliant globally

Non-compliance or incorrect filing can result in fines and penalties. However, keeping track of the latest laws, regulations and policy changes on a global scale can be complicated.

In fact, it can give you a headache, especially if you hire people from different countries.

Thus, consider a reliable solution to stay compliant at all times. For example, with automatic tax filing and updates, you can feel confident your taxes are filed correctly and on time.

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Automated payroll: conclusion

Automated payroll allows HR managers and their departments to:

Automation makes life easier and saves lots of hassle. It’s so simple.

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